TopCoat® HPS™ Ultra Kit

87 reviews

TopCoat® HPS™ Ultra Kit

87 reviews
  • Water-based formula, Eco Safe!
  • No solvents or abrasive compounds
  • Makes your appliances, countertops & furniture look like new
  • Works on all surfaces including paint, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, and leather - Bath, Shower walls, Shower doors, Glass, Mirrors, Counters, Patio, Grills, Granite, Appliances, Counters, and many more!

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TopCoat® HPS™ is an eco-friendly high-performance protective coating, designed to out-perform, out-last, and REPLACE ALL of your traditional cleaning products.

  • Use HPS on ANY surface in your home, eliminating the need for other costly products.
  • HPS restores and enhances surfaces making your appliances, countertops and more look new again!
  • Simple, one-step hand application makes cleaning your home quicker and easier than ever.
  • Once treated, surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe away the dirt!
  • 1 bottle will clean your home multiple times, saving you money.
  • HPS goes on clean, which means your surfaces will look great right away. No dull, waxy residue to deal with.
  • Works on all surfaces including paint, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, and leather - Bath, Shower walls, Shower doors, Glass, Mirrors, Counters, Patio, Grills, Granite, Appliances, Counters, and many more!
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic formula means HPS is safe to use around children and pets.
  • Spray TopCoat® HPS™ on the surface you want to clean and restore.
  • Spread using a clean, dry microfiber towel.
  • Buff excess product into the surface using a second clean and dry microfiber towel.
  • Keep turning to a dry part of the microfiber towel for the final buff ensuring a streak-free shine.
  • Do one area at a time, move to the next and repeat the process.

NOTE: On glass, chrome, and high gloss surfaces, always do final buff with a clean and dry microfiber towel to ensure a streak-free shine!

Q. What makes HPS different from F11?

A. HPS is our original formula. Many people find it slightly more forgiving and easier to apply. It is also slightly less slick than F11, which makes it ideal for cleaning and restoring surfaces inside the home. You still get a tremendous amount of shine and protection. Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference. Try them both and find what works best for you!

Q. Can I use HPS on top of F11?

A. Absolutely! All of our products are specially formulated to be used together.

Q. Can I use HPS on my vehicle?

A.You most certainly can! HPS is our original formula and has been used on vehicles (with amazing results) for years.

Q. Is it safe on countertops, glass top burners, shower doors, etc?

A. Totally! Because HPS is water-based, it is safe to use around the house, even if you have children and/or pets. You’ll probably find that it replaces all the other cleaning products that you currently use and it is safer than those products as well. Please note that this DOES NOT mean that it is safe to ingest. Clean with it, but don’t consume it!

Q. Does HPS remove water spots?

A. It will remove hard water spots on stainless steel appliances and other surfaces if they haven't been there too long and become etched into the surface. After you've removed the water spots and apply HPS, it will prevent future water spots! Those that do dry on the surface will be easy to spray off, or wipe down with a damp microfiber towel!

Q. How long does HPS last?

A.Coatings of HPS can last up to 1 year inside the home! The longevity of the coating depends on how much abuse the various surfaces receive from your standard use. We recommend reapplying every 3-6 months on your interior surfaces. The more layers you do apply, the better the results will be and the longer it will last!

Q. Will this clean my greasy kitchen appliances/counters?

A.It sure will! With one suggestion… Before applying HPS for the first time, wash any grease or grime off the surface with dawn soap, dry the surface and, then follow the directions for HPS application. Once you have a coat of HPS you can use it to clean and touch up the surface moving forward and that grease will be much easier to remove!!

Use for all your cleaning needs.

Our proprietary, water-based formula means that HPS is safe to use, no matter what kind of surface you’re cleaning. Works amazing inside your home, it's even strong enough for your vehicle too!

Ease of Use

Cleaning with HPS is as simple as spraying it on, and hand buffing it in with a microfiber towel.

Clean, shine, and protect your home’s surfaces

Not only does HPS do a great job cleaning your home, but the more you use it, the more a protective layer builds up, making future cleanings easier.

A little goes a long way

One 16oz bottle of HPS will clean your home dozens of times, and you can use it for just about anything, making it a tremendous (and long-lasting) value.

Provides non-toxic and eco-friendly protection to your finish

Since HPS is water-based (rather than chemical-based), it is safe to use around your children and pets, as well as in the home. And unlike some other products, there is no runoff that risks polluting the environment.

Replaces all your other household cleaners

The safe, protective, water-based finish makes HPS the perfect all-purpose cleaner. You no longer need multiple bottles of harsh, chemical-based cleaners that are dangerous to your home and family.