TopCoat® Spritz™ Web Special Kits


TopCoat® Spritz™ is for the person who doesn't have the time but wants the shine!

1 Kit: 1 bottle 16oz TopCoat SPRITZ, 2 Ultra-Micro 16 Towels - Kit
2 Kits: 2 bottle 16oz TopCoat SPRITZ, 4 Ultra-Micro 16 Towels - Kit
3 Kits: 3 bottle 16oz TopCoat SPRITZ, 6 Ultra-Micro 16 Towels - Kit
4 Kits: 4 bottle 16oz TopCoat SPRITZ, 8 Ultra-Micro 16 Towels - Kit
6 Kits: 6 bottle 16oz TopCoat SPRITZ, 12 Ultra-Micro 16 Towels -Kit

TopCoat® Spritz™ is a high-performance "Quick Gloss" coating that is environmental safe.

TopCoat® designed Quick Gloss Spritz™ to work with all TopCoat® sealers. TopCoat® Spritz™ is a quick way to maintain and enhance any surface.

TopCoat® Spritz™ is an easy, one-step, hand application that enhances the existing surface. Spritz™ will provide a “quick gloss” shine to glossy surfaces but will not artificially shine non-glossy surfaces. Spritz™ will make matte surfaces look new.

Spritz™ is a quick and easy way to preserve, prolong, protect, and quickly restore a surface between TopCoat® sealer applications and after washes. Use TopCoat® Spritz™ on painted surfaces, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, vinyl, leather, dashboards, and more. Use as windshield, windscreen, and window treatment for lasting water repellency.

Key Features:

  • Contains no solvents, toxic chemicals or abrasive compounds.
  • No need to stir or shake
  • Treated surfaces are extremely hydrophobic (water-resistant)
  • No orbital or mechanical buffing required
  • Retards the damaging effects of foreign contaminants such as bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, brake dust, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick one-step hand application
  • Use as a Dry Wash - Treated surfaces are easy to clean and maintain
  • Designed to bond with TopCoat® Sealers
  • No unsightly wax residue left behind
  • Formula maximizes depth of color with minimal effort

The Professional Detailer’s Choice

Directions: For best results apply to a clean cool surface. Mist product directly onto ANY surface intended for a quick detail gloss and spread using a clean Microfiber cloth. Buff excess product using a clean microfiber, turning to a dry part of the cloth for the final buff. Do one area at a time, move to the next and repeat the process. Note: Especially on glass, chrome, and other high gloss surfaces, rebuff using another clean, dry microfiber to ensure a streak free shine.

Keep out of reach of children

(Always refer to product SDS and/or TDS sheets for further product and safety information.)

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Steve G.
United States

I've done two cars with

I've done two cars with it, it is quick and easy and repels water great

Steve G. verified customer review of TopCoat® Spritz™ Web Special Kits
mary c.
United States

Top Coat Spritz

Have not been able to use this product per weather .Just can't wait for a real good day .Love your F11 this will make my cars stand out . P.s. With the F11 on my red car I went to the car wash just to rinse it off and I was asked how many coats of wax was on my car, love your products keep up the good work

United States

high quality

great product and results


Thank you for sharing your review! :)