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4 Best High-Performance Coatings in the World

Posted on June 3rd, 2020 by Michael LaHatte

We've all seen the flood of ads for car care products. It's become confusing. We all want the best. The fact is, one company owns the best technology that everyone is chasing, that's TopCoat. Here are the current 4 best coatings in the world:

1) Crystaleen

We know that Aerospace is where the highest technology lives, we all want a long lasting coating, and we all want something that's easy to apply.

This is why Crystaleen is the best coating in the world, it's simply awesome.

Crystaleen is a two part coating that uses Molomer technology. What happens is Crystaleen will bond with a surface both mechanically and chemically which is remarkable.

How it does this is when you spray Crystaleen Part A onto a surface it immediately bonds to the surface with extremely small particles that are practically indestructible.

Then, when you spray Crystaleen Part B over the Part A, it causes the coating to then bond laterally and grow across the surface.

No other coating in the world does this because TopCoat owns the patent.

It's amazing to watch because when you spray Crystaleen Part B over Part A you can immediately see the Part B bead up as the chemical reaction happens instantaneously.

The reason why this process is so important is it forms a permanent coating that becomes part of the surface.

It will never come off unless you mechanically grind it off.

Make sure your surface is clean and free from any blemishes that you don't want to permanently seal in.

Following the directions on the label, apply at least 2 layers of Crystaleen or more, some people like as many as 10-20 layers. Allow Crystaleen to fully cure for 7 days for best performance. You can still drive it around and get it wet, but it will perform best after 7 days. Use F11, HPS, or Spritz to maintain and clean the surface going forward.

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2) F11

It’s easy to see why millions of people love F11.

The reason why is because it’s the easiest most powerful coating in the world that can literally be used on any surface in seconds… and when we say any surface, we mean any surface, including paint, metal, glass, carpet, vinyl, acrylic, plastic, rubber and even engines and exhaust systems.

Since F11 is water-based and contains no corrosives or abrasives, it can't harm surfaces.

What F11 does is it protects and makes surfaces look new. It makes glossy surfaces look like glass. It makes matte surfaces look new and restored. F11 makes the surface extremely slick and dirty, bugs, debris, etc have a really hard time sticking to it.

No other product has F11 technology.

How it works is F11 is made up of microscopic particles that will bond to and seal any surface which enhance and protect the surface.

F11 will also bond to itself, which other coatings can't do.

This allows F11 to be used over and over again making it better every time you use it.

Why this is important is that once a surface is coated with F11 you can literally use F11 to clean and add more layers all in one step.

But, will it wear off?

What's so valuable is that since F11 bonds to itself, you literally can keep regrowing it on the surface as if it were a skin. Therefore F11 will last indefinitely since you use it regularly. Even though F11 lasts 3-6 months you still will want to clean your vehicle at least every 1-3 months.

You can do an entire car with 1-2oz of F11.

The more layers you have the less product you need to use on future applications. Using 1oz of F11 every month or so is ideal.

F11 replaces and outperforms all other products making life easier.

F11 is the most revolutionary car care product ever invented. Because of its success, many copycat products have emerged, but they all fail to do everything F11 can do.

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3) HPS

When TopCoat first invented the water-based technology that allowed the use of one product for everything, they launched it into the consumer market as HPS.

The reason why HPS is so awesome is that it can be used on any surface, it is easy to apply, makes things look new, cleans, and protects.

How it works is HPS is a proprietary formula made up of microscopic particles that bond to the surface. It makes surfaces easier to clean as well as look better.

HPS lasts about 3-4 months depending on how much abuse the surface is taking. The reason why this is important is that HPS lasts longer than the normal window of time that you would clean and maintain surfaces, which is normally monthly.

What if it wears off? If you are taking care of your surfaces on a normal basis then HPS will keep building layers back up since it bonds to itself. This makes it much easier to keep things clean and looking great.

What most people do is use HPS weekly or at least once a month to clean, polish, and protect all surfaces.

HPS is extremely popular for home use as well.

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4) Spritz

The reason why Spritz is so good is that it replaces all detail sprays, waterless washes, dry washes, and washing altogether.

It is also better and costs less than all these knock off coatings you see advertised all over social media.

How it works is Spritz is water-based and made up of microscopic particles that bond to the surface. It's the easiest coating to use in the world.

Spritz can be applied to anything and lasts 1-3 months depending on how much abuse it takes.

The reason why this is so great is nobody has time anymore to spend hours on their ride… washing alone is a pain, much less drying, and polishing up with a spray wax or detail spray. Spritz eliminates all of this.

It also plays nice with Crystaleen, F11, and HPS so you can use it every week for quick clean ups.

What if it wears off? The reason why you don't have to worry about it wearing off is that Spritz is designed to bond with the other TopCoat products, so it rebuilds layers as you use it making it last indefinitely with continued use.

It can be used as a standalone coating, or as an in-between quick detailer, that’s actually a serious coating.

What most people do is use Spritz daily and weekly when they are wanting to grab something to get fast results.

Have bird poo on your hood?... grab Spritz!
Have bug splatter on your frontend?... grab Spritz!
Have dust or pollen on your ride?... grab Spritz!
Want to do a quick clean up?... grab Spritz!

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