TopCoat® is no ordinary polishing product.

Formulated for use as a multi-purpose sealer, and designed as a one-step, easy hand application coating, TopCoat® really is the product created to replace them all.

TopCoat® is a water based, environmentally safe, high performance protective coating made to replace, out-perform, and outlast traditional waxes, polishes, and sealers in today’s market.

Just one application of TopCoat® will help protect vehicles and more from bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, brake dust, and environmental damage.

One of the unique characteristics of TopCoat® is that it only enhances the material it’s applied too, meaning, denim finishes remain flat, gloss finishes becomes shinier.

This is true for leather, wood, plastic, vinyl, and more.

Gloss paint coated with TopCoat® demonstrates a deep, wet finish, ensuring the ultimate depth of image possible. Metallic flake in paint visually “lift off the surface,” providing a unique 3D wet look. Unlike wax and other coatings, TopCoat® was formulated as a “clear” coating, one of the many reasons TopCoat® can be used on so many materials and surfaces. Waxes and other polishes will ruin plastic and other materials by leaving a white residue that permanently embeds in the materials. TopCoat® also helps reduce corrosion and oxidation, restores and protects plastics from weathering and makes any treated surface easy to clean with just water or another application of TopCoat®! Unlike other coatings, TopCoat® adds more protection, increases coating performance, improves depth of image, and reduces cleaning and maintenance with each additional application, ensuring any TopCoated surface remains in a new, enhanced, and restored condition! Did we mention it only takes one ounce of TopCoat® to coat an entire vehicle, bumper to bumper?

What else makes TopCoat® stand out from the other products in your garage? TopCoat® is for more than just your car. Anything benefits from TopCoat®, from RVs, boats, motorcycles, and airplanes, to kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor patios. TopCoat® will clean, enhance, and protect any material or surface such as stainless steel, shower glass, backsplashes, appliances, counters, wood, mirrors, granite, and more!