12 Pack of TopCoat® 18''x18'' HDHF™ Ultra-MicroPro™ Professional Detailing Microfiber Towels

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Ultra-MicroPro™ 18 - 12 Pack of 18''X18’’ - White Microfiber Towel

TopCoat®'s Ultra-MicroPro™ 18Professional Detailing Microfiber Towelis a large 18” x 18” sized, ultra-white & color fast, high density & high fiber (HDHF)™ microfiber towel, developed withsoft-cloth fabric that is densely and intricately woven using the latest textile technologies.  TopCoat®'s Ultra-MicroPro™ 18is an extremely durable towel that won’t shrink or curl and designed for a lifetime of use.  The Ultra-MicroPro™ 18was specifically manufactured for TopCoat®, fabricated using our specific polish and buffing standards from over 35 years of experience, making these towels ideal for the professional enthusiast who demands the ultimate detail and polishing towel available. 

TopCoat’s Microfiber towels are superior in grade, quality, and performance compared to store brands and competitors.  TopCoat’s Ultra-MicroPro™ 18 Micro-towels are woven with Utra-Glide™ smoothness and MacroGrab™ technology, as are all our Microfiber towels, that ensures quick and efficient buffing characteristics. 

Designed benefits from unmatched experience:

Why white?  Unlike the rest of the industry that picks a color to match their image, we chose ultra-white, so every piece of dirt and debris could be immediately identified during the buffing process to help prevent contaminants from causing unwanted damage to the polishing finish. 

TopCoat’s® HDHF™ Ultra-MicroPro™ 18 towelis a tightly & densely woven, duel sided weave pattern, using low and high fiber micro threads per side.  Pairing this thread technique with a perfect blend of specific and unique fabric materials packed into an industry new 18”x18” larger sized towel, the Utra-MicroPro™ yields an amazing and unparalleled micro-hair count per square inch that demonstrates unmatched polishing and high gloss buffing attributes.  Quickly and easily polish any material or clean any surface like a pro!

In summary, Common microfiber towels currently sold to the public can actually cause scratches, due to the cheaper materials, poor weave patterns, low fabric densities, less than adequate micro hair count, rough edging, tags that don’t remove, and even colors, so realize, all microfiber towels are NOT the same unlike common perception.  Through years of coating development science and detail experience, we have created the perfect micro-fiber towel known as Ultra-MicroPro™ with HDHF™ technology. It is branded with our TopCoat® nameon the removable tag, and is sure to set a new standard in the industry.

Note:  Each TopCoat® Microfiber towel conveniently comes with our TopCoat® tag intentionally sewn on it for reordering or questions.  This tag is designed to easily pull off without effecting the superior performance of the Towel

Color Fast / Heavy Duty / Long Life / (HDHF)™ Weave / MacroGrab™ & Ultra-Glide™ technology / Extremely Plush / Ultra-White / Large Size

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