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25 Pack of TopCoat® 16''x16'' Professional Micro-Fiber Towels

Automotive / RV / Motorcycle / Marine / Aeronautical / Hospitality

TopCoat®'s Microfiber towel is a color-fast, 16" x 16", 58g, high density Microfiber towel designed specifically for detailing and polishing applications. This is hands down, the best Microfiber towel available for detailing, period!

TopCoat®'s microfiber towel is extremely soft, plush, and densely woven providing the ultimate polishing microfiber towel for any surface, ensuring a "micro-scratch" free buff that other common microfiber towels actually cause.

Due to the towel's superior quality and rugged design, this thick, double sided towel's edges will not curl and the fabric won't shrink, ensuring it's one of the most durable towels made that will last for many years.

This is the best detailing towel we recommend with the use of our TopCoat® sealers and Spritzes.

Color fast / heavy duty / long life / plush

Towels come in various colors (Green, Orange, Black, White, Blue, etc)