TopCoat® Gallon PolyWash™ F11® PRO Prep Kit

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We designed the TopCoat® Gallon PolyWash™ F11® PRO Prep Kit to allow you to prep the surface properly before sealing it with F11®! You can also use PolyWash™ to wash if you feel the surface has become too dirty to use F11® (usually if it has been longer than 3 months since you've used a TopCoat sealer such as F11, HPS, or Spritz).

You get a Gallon of PolyWash™ at normal price and then get one 16oz bottle of F11® at half price! THEN we throw in the rest for FREE!

We included a FREE TopCoat® Ultra-Micro™ Ginormous Microfiber Drying Towel, 2 FREE top of the line Professional HDHF™ Ultra-MicroPro™ microfiber towels, and a FREE High Quality Microfiber Wash Mitt.

Wash, clean, shine, and protect using PolyWash™... the most advanced, high-tech, concentrated wash on the market... infused with Advanced Micro-Bond™ technology . Then seal with the #1 coating in the world, TopCoat® F11® Sealer. Top this off with the best microfiber towels and drying towel on the market and it's a true dream kit!

Towels come in various colors.

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